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Javas Roe /Ancient Sacred Arts / Egypt

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My purpose is to follow the ancient methods. For one part I try to reproduce devotedly the look-out of the old crafts, on the other side I have been adding something new expression of ancient high tradition. I hope, that the eternity which comes through this really unique Culture, can be felt, the same way as in my works also.  All Boardgames and glazed tiles are hand pressed and hand painted, just like the pawns and the dices. All items comes with textile bags and/or wooden box. Each game include the rule and it's short history and origin. We work in all phases of construction. They are under exclusive care to reach the finest quality. Thus, each game as well as the tiles are unique.

Keep in mind that our games and tiles are all handmade and there may be slight differences !!

Thanks for your interest and support!!!!!!